BOOKTHEWRITER's Pop-Up Book Groups provide a unique opportunity to discuss a book with its author. Hosted in private homes in Manhattan (sometimes in Brooklyn!), they are limited to 20 participants, so that real conversation can take place. You can read about our currently scheduled Pop-Ups here, and sign up for our mailing list to be informed when new Pop-Ups are scheduled. 

Are you in a book group? BOOKTHEWRITER can create a literary experience for your group that is truly special by sending one of our authors to join your conversation. We represent over 100 New York based writers — among them Pulitzer Prizewinners, National Book Award Winners, New York Times Bestselling authors and well known television and radio personalities — all available to attend book groups in and around the city (yes, that usually means you, Westchester, Connecticut, Long Island and New Jersey!). We’re not talking about phoning into your book group. We’re not talking about Skyping into your book group. We’re talking about ringing the doorbell, having a seat on the couch, and joining the conversation. Look for your favorite author in our list of novelists, memoirists, poets, biographers and non-fiction writers, browse titles by genre, or let us help you choose a book that will appeal to your book group in particular.



For twelve years, I ran a “Meet the Author” book group in Princeton, New Jersey. Every month, the author of each monthly selection (a novel, a memoir, a biography or a work of non-fiction) would join our twenty-five members in my living room, explaining how his or her book came into being, what twists and turns it encountered along the way, and how its creation had changed its creator. The conversations were funny, sad, surprising and deeply illuminating, and members of the group walked away each month with a deepened understanding of writing in general and that month’s selection in particular…not to mention a signed copy of the book. Members of my “Meet the Author” book group came to feel that they were the most fortunate readers in central New Jersey, or anywhere else.

When I moved to New York City a few years ago, I created BOOKTHEWRITER to bring the “Meet the Author” experience to readers in my hometown. It's been a thrill to watch fans meet the writers they've long admired, and to hear the stories behind so many great books. Attending a small Pop-Up Book Group with the author changes the book group experience utterly. Instead of wondering what the novelist was thinking when she created a character or situation, you can ask. You might hear that a non-fiction project grew out of a short story, or a biography began life as a novel, or that a long and complex work of fiction started life as an article for a magazine about something that seems entirely unrelated. You might learn how like the author you are, or how very different, or you might discover a connection to the writer or the work in a thoroughly surprising way. It’s no wonder we now have a devoted core of attendees, with new book lovers joining us every month.

We look forward to meeting you, too!

Jean Hanff Korelitz