Amanda Hesser

Amanda Hesser is a food writer, editor, cookbook author and entrepreneur. She was the food editor of The New York Times Magazine, and co-founder and CEO of Food52. She is the author of the memoir COOKING FOR MR. LATTE: A FOOD LOVER'S COURTSHIP, WITH RECIPES, EAT, MEMORY: GREAT WRITERS AT THE TABLETHE ESSENTIAL NEW YORK TIMES COOKBOOK and THE FOOD52 COOKBOOK


Jane Green

Fans of Jane Green's fiction have known forever that the novelist loves to cook. With the recent publication of Green's first proper cookbook GOOD TASTE, the rest of us can sample the British and American comfort food that has kept her readers coming back for more.


Liz Neumark



Liz Neumark, Founder and CEO of Great Performances, is a culinary visionary and a longtime trendsetter in bringing food politics to the table. In 2006, Great Performances became the first catering company to own a farm. In 2013, she published SYLVIA'S TABLE, an inspirational cookbook to encourage families to cook wholesome meals together.  


Luke Barr


Luke Barr is the author of the New York Times bestselling PROVENCE, 1970 and the forthcoming RITZ AND ESCOFFIER: THE HOTELIER, THE CHEF, AND THE RISE OF THE LEISURE CLASS.