Authors Roz Chast and Patricia Marx (with ukeleles!) at their Pop-Up Book Group for “Why Don’t You Write My Eulogy Now So I Can Correct It?”

Authors Roz Chast and Patricia Marx (with ukeleles!) at their Pop-Up Book Group for “Why Don’t You Write My Eulogy Now So I Can Correct It?”


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Pop-Up Book Groups

Q: How do the Pop-Up Book Groups work?

A: Twice a year (August for September-January Pop-Ups and January for February-June Pop-Ups) we schedule approximately 10 events at a time. We announce them to our mailing list so that you can register for the events that interest you on our Eventbrite page. One week before the announcement goes out to our general list we send it to our Preferred List, giving them a head start to enroll. (How do you get onto the Preferred List? Just attend a Pop-Up Book Group. You'll be added.)

Q: How big are the groups?

A: We cap them at 20 participants. More than that makes it difficult to have the kind of in-depth conversation our book groups are known for.

Q: Does it cost anything to attend a Pop-Up Book Group?

A: Yes, registration is $35.

Q: On the Eventbrite listing it says "Private Home". How will I find out where the book group is held?

A: All Pop-Up Book Groups are hosted in private homes in Manhattan. (Very occasionally in Brooklyn.) We usually don't know exactly where it will be until a week or two beforehand. All Registrants Are notified of the address one week before the book group. If you register closer to the date than that, we'll contact you right away to let you know where it takes place.

Q: And then I just...turn up. Right?

A: Right. Please come on time (as in: not before the time) and if you have to be late, please contact us to let us know (contact number will be included when you receive the address). There may be wine. There will be interesting conversation! 

Q: Do I read the book beforehand?

A: Absolutely. In fact, please purchase the book and read it before the book group. The great thing about having an author present is that you can get past that old standard, "Where do you get your ideas?" If everyone has read the book, the conversation gets far more interesting than that. Bring your copy to be signed!

Q: I have a friend who would love to know about Pop-Up Book Groups! Can I bring her?

A: Sure, just purchase an extra ticket on Eventbrite. If your friend would like to hear about our Pop-Ups as they're scheduled, have her join our mailing list.




Authors & Publishers

Q: I’d love to suggest myself/my author for a Pop-Up Book Group. How can I do that?

A: If you would like to tell us about a book that’s scheduled to be published within the next year and are interested in scheduling a Pop-Up Book Group as part of your book launch events, please feel free to get in touch. You should be aware that not all book genres attract Pop-Up Book Group participants and are thus not viable choices for what we do. This is not a personal reflection, just a reality of our particular program. Traditionally published books only, please.