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Pop-Up Book Groups

Q: How do the Pop-Up Book Groups work?

A: Twice a year (August for September-January Pop-Ups and January for February-June Pop-Ups) we schedule approximately 10 events at a time. We announce them to our mailing list so that you can register for the events that interest you on our Eventbrite page. One week before the announcement goes out to our general list we send it to our Preferred List, giving them a head start to enroll. (How do you get onto the Preferred List? Just attend a Pop-Up Book Group. You'll be added.)

Q: How big are the groups?

A: We cap them at 20 participants. More than that makes it difficult to have the kind of in-depth conversation our book groups are known for.

Q: Does it cost anything to attend a Pop-Up Book Group?

A: Yes, registration is $30.

Q: On the Eventbrite listing it says "Private Home". How will I find out where the book group is held?

A: All Pop-Up Book Groups are hosted in private homes in Manhattan. (Very occasionally in Brooklyn.) We usually don't know exactly where it will be until a week or two beforehand. All Registrants Are Notified of the Address One Week Before the Book Group. If you register closer to the date than that, we'll contact you right away to let you know where it takes place.

Q: And then I just...turn up. Right?

A: Right. Please come on time (as in: not before the time) and if you have to be late, please contact BOOKTHEWRITER (contact number will be included when you receive the address). There may be wine. There will be interesting conversation! 

Q: Do I read the book beforehand?

A: Absolutely. Please purchase the book and read it before the book group. The great thing about having an author present is that you can get past that old standard, "Where do you get your ideas?" If everyone has read the book, the conversation gets far more interesting than that. Bring your copy to be signed!

Q: I have a friend who would love to know about Pop-Up Book Groups! Can I bring her?

A: Sure, just purchase an extra ticket on Eventbrite. If your friend would like to hear about our Pop-Ups as they're scheduled, have her join our mailing list.




Invite an Author

Q: How do I choose an author to invite?

A:  We feel your pain.…Katha Pollitt’s passionate polemic on abortion rights or preppy everything with Lisa Birnbach? Orphan Train riders with Christina Baker Kline or Brigham Young’s rebellious 19th wife with David Ebershoff? Memoirs about John F. Kennedy Jr. from Carole Radziwill or Christina Haag? Maybe you feel like discussing Jerome Robbins, Norman Rockwell, David Foster Wallace, Philip Roth or Wendy Wasserstein with their biographers! And let's not even get started with the fiction! (Want a recommendation? Contact BOOKTHEWRITER and let us help!)

Q: Once we've decided whom to invite, what happens?

A: BOOKTHEWRITER will work with you and with the author to find a date that works for everyone. Once the date has been confirmed, you’ll be invoiced for BOOKTHEWRITER’s fee, which is due one week before the book group. When the day or evening arrives, the author will join your group to talk about the book, answer questions, and share the story behind the story.

Q: How much does it cost to invite an author to my book group?

A: BOOKTHEWRITER’s flat fee is $600. We do not set a size limit for the book group (occasionally book groups actually combine or invite guests in order to host a favorite author) and we do not specify the length of the visits, although most book groups have a natural time frame of 1.5 to 2 hours. Payment is due one week prior to the book group, and can be made via mailed check or Chase QuickPay. (Payment method instructions will appear on the invoice.) Libraries or other non-profits who book an author visit may request a small discount. Interested in booking a series of author visits? See our series page.

Q: My book group is in Connecticut/Westchester/New Jersey/Long Island. Would you send an author to us?

A: Probably. Although our website serves the New York City area only, our authors can sometimes travel. (Depending on location, it may be necessary to add train fare or other basic travel expenses.) We also maintain lists of great writers in a few other cities. If your book group meets in Boston, Chicago, San Francisco, Los Angeles or Washington, DC, and you would like to invite a writer, please contact us.

Q: We're not in the New York area at all. Would you consider a Skype session with an author?

A: Sure. Get in touch and we can talk about it.

Q: Our book group takes place in a library, not a private home. Is that ok?

A: BOOKTHEWRITER is delighted to work with libraries in the New York area. Invite an author to your library’s book group for a truly unique experience. Libraries and other non-profit organizations may request a small discount.

In a world of limited budgets, BOOKTHEWRITER allowed me to offer my constituents a community experience. Everyone had read the book, making the event a discussion, not a lecture.
— Therese Nielsen, Huntington (Long Island) Library, on Christina Baker Kline’s visit to her library book group

Q: We have a book group at my office. Would you send us an author?

A: It would be our pleasure. In fact, we have a number of authors who focus on workplace issues if that's what you're reading. Let us know what you have in mind!

Q: Any chance of a FREE AUTHOR VISIT for my book group?

A: You know what? There is! BOOKTHEWRITER occasionally works with publishers to arrange book group visits for authors on tour. There is no charge to the book group for these visits, and publishers often provide copies of the book in advance. If you would like your book group to be considered for these author visits, please email and tell us a bit about your group:

How large is your group?

Where do you meet?

What is the age range of your members?

Men, women, or mixed?

What kinds of books does your book group typically read?

What are the names of some authors whose work your group has especially enjoyed?

Q: Can we put together a series of author visits?

A: An inspired idea! We'd love to help you set up a private author series. In fact, here are a few sample reading group themes, each book a fascinating opportunity to meet a great author, and cumulatively a compelling journey. Or create a theme of your own – we’ll help you make it happen! 



Authors & Publishers

Q: How do I get on your author list?

A: We are not adding new authors to our author list at this time. If you have a book coming out within the next year and are interested in scheduling a Pop-Up Book Group as part of your book launch events, please feel free to have your publicist contact us. You should be aware that not all book genres attract Pop-Up Book Group participants and are thus not viable choices for what we do. This is not a personal reflection, just a reality of our particular program. Traditionally published books only, please.

Q: I'm a publisher/publicist working on an upcoming book, and I'd love to arrange a Pop-Up Book Group for the author.

A: Great, drop us a line!