A unique opportunity to meet a favorite author in a relaxed setting, Pop-Up Book Groups are hosted in private homes in Manhattan, and limited to 20 participants so real conversation can take place. We set the author, book, date and time. You register ($35), buy the book and start reading! We'll email you the address about a week before the book group. Come with lots of questions for the author, and don’t forget to bring your copy of the book to be signed. 

“Pop-Up Book Groups are like no other book group you’ve ever attended! You gain amazing perspectives by listening to a book’s author, understanding what was going on in his/her head. You get the story behind the story.”
— Attendee of a Pop-Up Book Group with novelist David Ebershoff

Fall 2019 Pop-Up Book Groups are now open for registration to our Preferred List* only. Registration links will be sent to our complete list in a few weeks.**

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I relished the experience of listening to a published author describe the process of writing a book from start to finish, from conception to execution to promotion. I definitely plan to attend future Pop-Up Book Groups.”
— Attendee of a Pop-Up Book Group with novelist Bill Clegg
Last night’s book club was a perfect example of why and how your “Pop-up Book Club” is fantastic fun. Why? Because you suggested it, I read Stephanie Kallos’ novel, “Language Arts.” How? Because we would be talking with the author, I read the book like a school assignment. First read through for the story and then an analytic rereading which deepened my appreciation for how complicated a novel it is, tautly woven with plenty of tricks played on the reader. Stephanie Kallos’ novel had depths, twists, turns and some great lines. As the group agreed, the characters had life for us beyond the pages. We wonder about their futures. We left amazed by the writer’s imagination and dedication. Plus, the group, was rather Chaucerian: people brought together over a book.
— -- A Regular Pop-Up Book Group attendee

From our past Pop-Up Book Groups...